General conditions

Payment by Bank Transfer :

To confirm your reservation you can make payments in the following bank account below: 



Address Carretera Cala Llonga s/n Jesus

Postcode 07819

Area Ibiza/Baleares – SPAIN

Company Name Wickel & Campoy Real State, S.L - Ibiza Rent House

Account Number 0081 1407 3100 0118 2026

IBAN ES63 0081 1407 3100 0118 2026

BIC (Swift) BSAB ESBB   

Don't forget to send details of the transfer via e mail. On receipt we will send an immediate reconfirmation by e mail . We request that the reservation

number be added to the transfer details. 

Credit Cards Payments: 

We accept the following cards : Visa, American Express and Master Card. Payment with other cards must have an extra charge.

If the reservation is made within 1 week of travel, payment for the full duration of the rental period is required.

Arrivals and Stay 

General Booking Conditions:

Please take note of the following information: 

Your accomodarion will be ready between 15.00 h and 18.00 h on the day of entry, and unless otherwise specified.

It may be the case that you can enter at 15.00 h and the cleaning team will be working until the house is in perdect condition of cleanliness and order. Our housekeeper manager of each house informs us every time, when they finish to clean, about the state of the property.

Within 24 hours you have to inform us if you find any damage in the house that we have not been informed by the hosekeeping team, and we will try to fix as soon as posible.

The accommodation should be vacated maxim at 10,00 hours on the day of departure, unless otherwise specified.

It is vital that we are sent details of arrival and departure times in order to facilitate a smooth organization of the booking.


Modifications to the booking contract and exceptions to the present general conditions of the reservation will only take effect with the written agreement between the rental client and IBIZA RENT HOUSE. If any such modifications result in an increase or derease in the cost of the rental, both parties will be required to agree in writing to a modification in rental price.  

Arrival Procedure and Customer Services Department: 

General procedure for arrivals: 

It is very important that you call us once you arrived to the airport in order for us to provide the best service, since we may have many clients arriving at the same time. If you have a reservation for car hire with Avis, Atesa, Europcar, Betacar or Hertz, you will need to allow 25/30 minutes to collect the car and 15 minutes to collect suitcases If you have a reservation for car hire with Hipercar, Gold Car, BKK, Centauro, OK, or any internet company you will need to calculate that, in addition to the 15 minutes to collect suitcases, you will have to take a shuttle bus and may have to wait in a long queue. Even in low season this can take 30 minutes at best, however in mid or high season you can be waiting up to 2 hours.

For this reason we request that you call us again when you have picked up your hire car and are leaving the airport.

Our reservation manager will attend you in our office from 14:00 h to 20:00 h.

Mobile phone customer service: +34 680 562 290

They will have to come to the office to check in, where the contract will be signed, presentation of passports, pending payments, signatures of card payment receipts, ... once the process is finished they will be given all the necessary information so that You can go to the house.

Arrivals after hours between 20:00 h till 09:30 h:

For all those clients that arrive at night our customer service staff will give them the necessary information for the entrance.

After-hours tickets at our office have an extra cost depending on the time you check in:

  • from 20:00 h to 23.00 is 50 €
  • from 23:00 h to 01:00 h is 75 €
  • and from 01:00 h from now on is 100 €.

We offer a personalized check-in service in the villa, where our ground staff will gather in the villa to make the entrance, avoiding that you do not have to come to the office, this service has an extra cost is 50 €.

It is also possible to arrange a transfer service from the airport (tariff varies depending on area).


You must deliver a deposit or security deposit ranging from € 500 to € 3,000 depending on the accommodation. The specific amount for each accommodation is indicated on the first page of this reservation. The deposit must be paid by credit card and can be by transfer or in cash and will be returned in full from the 5th day after the stay if the accommodation is left in the same cleaning conditions as on arrival or there has been no damage on the property and the keys have been returned within the agreed period before 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure.

If your deposit is paid in cash, you will need to provide bank account details at the time of check-in to facilitate a refund.


Name of Bank

Name holder account

Adress holder






The rental client will be held responsible for any damages caused by the misbehavior of all the occupants of the property.


On the day of departure from the property you should check-out no later than 10am. Customers must leave the keys in the place indicated by our staff responsible for making the entry.

It is very important that you respect this condition of rental. The efficient functioning of our system depends on it. Failure to do so will result in a 250€ deduction in the return of your deposit.

Alterations of Bookings on the part of the company: Ibiza Rent House reserves the right to replace the property booked by the client by another analogous alternative as far as characteristics and location, in cases of greater force or when by other causes the renting could not take place.

Mobile phone:

Property owners do not provide landline telephone connection. We therefore recommend that you bring along a mobile phone to keep you in touch. We also request patience as there are many rural areas where the signal is weak or non-existent.

Collection of waste:

It is the responsibility of clients to deposit waste in the correct containers which are normally situated on the nearest main road. Please take into account that many properties are in rural locations and food waste can attract cats, insects and other undesirable creatures. On departure there should be no rubbish bags left in the property. Failure to comply with this carries a penalty of deduction from your deposit which can vary between 40€ and 100€.

Music, parties and noise:

It is totally unacceptable:

- Annoy neighbors with music or noise. You cannot play music and make noises from 22:00 h. to 09:00 h.

- Bring external music equipment from the property.

The parties are totally prohibited, and in case the police show up, you will be fully responsible for the economic sanctions that this entails.

Meetings and / or dinners of more than 20 people are also prohibited except for hiring catering, waiters and security service at IBIZA RENT HOUSE.

Any of these actions may result in the termination of this contract and expulsion from the house, with the consequent loss of the total reservation and deposit paid and without the possibility of reimbursement.


On the day of departure the property should be left in the same condition as on arrival. It is important to ensure that the kitchen, barbecue and all utensils are left completely clean and in good condition. Failure to do so will incur a deduction from your deposit of at least 80€. This could be more depending on the condition of the property when checked on departure. Extra cleaning can be contracted for the duration of your stay. We request that you inform us before your arrival if you would like to use this service (see tariffs).


In the case of lost keys (failure to hand in the same number of keys supplied on arrival). We are obligated to deduct a minimum of 100€ for a lock change and services of maintenance.

Furniture and Fittings:

It is strictly prohibited to change the position of the furnishings in the property or to carry out any other modifications.

Capacity of the property and number of occupants:

Each property is prepared for a determined number of occupants. It is not permitted in any event to exceed the maximum occupancy of the property as advertised.

It is the responsibility of the client at all times to ensure that the number occupying the property matches the number of people on the reservation. Failure to comply with this rule will result in eviction or the payment of an occupancy supplement.

Additional Facilities:

In many properties, if you request on booking, can provide facilities such as cots, highchairs, Wifi, satellite etc at a supplement to be paid locally (if the property does not already have these facilities available).


The majority of properties don't allow pets. Only with the express authorization of IBIZA RENT HOUSE and with prior agreement at the time of booking will pets be permitted to stay outside the house. There could be an extra final cleaning charge for housing a pet either indoors or in the garden. If it comes to our attention that a pet is being kept in the rental property without prior agreement it could result in eviction from the property, cancellation of the contract and loss of all monies paid, without possibility of reimbursement.


At any time the client can cancel the services requested and contracted with the right to a total refund of any payments made with the exception of the indemnity payments detailed below.



In case of cancellation, the following conditions apply:
- If the cancellation occurs more than 2 months before the arrival date, a cancellation fee of 0 % of the rental amount will be charged.
- If the cancellation occurs between 4 weeks and 2 months before the arrival date, a cancellation fee of 50 % of the rental amount will be charged.
- If the cancellation takes place less than 4 weeks before the arrival date, a penalty of 100% of the rental amount will be charged.
In case of no show (NO SHOW), the tourist will lose 100 % of the rental amount.

If a state of emergency or force majeure is declared, or if the country's borders are closed, a change of dates or refund will be considered as an option. Otherwise, the usual general conditions of the company apply.

All cancellations must be reported by the renter to IBIZA RENT HOUSE by email and the date of the document will be proof of this.

IBIZA RENT HOUSE should be informed of any cancellations immediately by e mail along with supporting documentation for consideration.


Should a rental client decide to cut short their stay ,there would be no reimbursement either of the whole or part of the cost of the reservation.

Anomalies and deficiencies:

Any irregularities found by the client on arrival should be communicated as soon as possible and always during the stay to the customer service staff of IBIZA RENT HOUSE.This will allow the staff to rectify any problems or be proactive in a change of accommodation if our staffs are certain that the issues cannot be rectified.

Any claim submitted after leaving the property cannot be considered because the fundamental criteria for consideration cannot be checked in order to proceed with the claim.

Building work:

The properties are privately owned and are largely situated in residential areas. They are not generally situated in areas with large tourist complexes. At times private or government building work can be taking place in the surrounding area. Neither IBIZA RENT HOUSE nor the property owner have any influence over this work and cannot be held responsible for building work or any disturbance it may cause.

Water, electricity and internet:

Cuts to the supply of water, electricity or internet are not regular. However the local authorities can occasionally cut or limit supplies for short periods of time.

IBIZA RENT HOUSE can take no responsibility for any inconvenience caused by temporary cuts to supply. 

Note: ensure that your rental property has wifi. If this is not available contact us to rent a device which will allow internet access during your stay.

Consumption of energy:

At certain times of the year rental clients will require extra air conditioning or heating. Properties with these facilities often make a charge and where this is the case the higher consumption of energy will be reflected in the price of the reservation.

Insurance :

The rental price does not include insurance, except where it is expressly indicated along with the type of insurance included.

Responsibility of the proprieter:

The proprieter will accept no responsibility for loss or theft of the rental client or any occupier's property or for injury caused by incorrect use of facilities provided in the house.

Responsibility of the company

IBIZA RENT HOUSE acts solely as an intermediary between owners and rental clients, being responsible only for accurate information regarding available properties, facilities and precise location.

No responsibility can be accepted for injury, accident, delay or other complaints pertaining to the rental of the property. 

Acceptance of conditions

 On confirmation of the reservation IBIZA RENT HOUSE will assume acceptance on the part of the rental client of each and every one of the General Conditions in their entirety. 

Information on claims and settlement of any disputes between the client and agency will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Ibiza, and will be bound by the decision of the courts. 

We are at your disposal if you have any questions or queries,